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Auto-Save At Any Time
During the beginning of the game, you gain a certain 'status' at specific times. With each increase in status the more difficult and numerous your foes will be to vanquish. I should have been wondering a bit more about Maze himself for putting me up as 'ready' to fight Twinblades when he does.
Clearly, if you try to take on Twinblades when it says you're ready to do so while you're taking up Quests in the Map Room it's going to be no contest, or rather a practical suicide to try to take him on at that point; that point being when you're also supposedly ready for the 'Hobbe Killing Contest' with Whisper, but not ready for the 'Talk To The Grandmother At Rose Cottage' Quest. Here's where you can Auto-Save at any point you choose and have a recall to wherever you left between the Guild and Oakvale while gaining points to level up until you actually are ready to take on Twinblades and win.
The moment you gain 'Familiar Status' is the moment the Map Room will allow you to take the 'Grandmother At Rose Cottage' Quest. As soon as you take this Quest up and make your boasts, at any time you can use a Cullis Gate or your Guild Seal to teleport to the Greatwood Cullis Gate and have your game Auto-Saved wherever you happen to teleport from. You will also have a recall to that same area to return to whenever you're ready to begin again. This comes in handy when you have to stop the game for whatever reason and not have to lose anything, such as a weapon you've obtained or the points you've earned towards levelling up in the Map Room.

Credit: Glenn   Posted By: nikx

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Fable cheats,fable codes,cheats for fable,codes for fable,hints for fable,fable hints

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